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Frequently Asked Questions

"What types of spaces do you organize?"

- I can help with any area in the home, from kitchens to closets to bathrooms to storage units. Most often I organize craft areas, garages, and basements. I can also help with unpacking when moving into a new home.

"Who do you help?"

- I help anyone who is ready and willing to make some changes. Organizing almost always involves decluttering, which often includes purging. Personally, I am not one to be wasteful so I will usually encourage my clients to donate anything they do not use or want anymore.

"Why should someone hire a professional organizer?"

- Because sometimes we just need some help to get us back on track. Often times people just don't know where to start and they are overwhelmed. A professional organizer can help guide them through the process and help them stay focused on the task. It's easy to get distracted when organizing.

"What are some tips for people trying to get getting organized?"

- Resist the urge to keep anything out of obligation. If you won’t use it, let it go.
- Start small, it's much easier to start with a drawer then it is to do the entire kitchen.
- Don't be afraid to get help, people get help with all kinds of things in their lives, taxes, cleaning, painting, etc. Just because you "could" do it yourself doesn't mean you have to.

"Will you make me throw everything away?"

- I will 'strongly' encourage my clients to get rid of items that they no longer use or need, however, ultimately the decision is theirs. I will never 'force' a client to get rid of something they don't want to.

“How long does it take?”

- Every project is different and can range from a few hours to days or weeks. The speed of completion depends largely on your ability to make decisions, as well as the size and content of the space, the number of interruptions, and so on.

“Do you provide supplies?”

- I like to re-purpose the containers and organizing tools you might already own, but if there is something else that would work better, I will take measurements and recommend what you need.

“Do you clean?”

- While I will always wipe off a shelf before putting something back on it, I do not offer standard cleaning services. However, I would be more than happy to recommend someone if you would like.

“Why did you start doing this?”

- I have always loved to organize, my mom tells me stories about me following my little brother around the Christmas tree and moving all of the decorations he put up because they weren’t spaced out correctly. Also, I just truly love to help people. I feel like life is hard enough, and if I am able to make someone’s even a little bit easier, that’s exactly what I am going to do.

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