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Packing/Unpacking Services

Take the stress out of moving! Whether you need help packing, unpacking, or getting your new home organized, Absolute Organizing can take care of it all!

If you are in the process of or getting ready to sell your home, we can help you declutter your possessions, handle any donating, recycling and selling of unwanted items, hold an estate or moving sale, stage the home, pack, and so much more!

Buying a home and need some help getting it put together? Give us a call! We can unpack and organize your new home in the most practical, functional way!



What can we do for you?

  • Declutter possessions prior to listing your home and moving

  • Help you determine what gets moved to your new home

  • Coordinate the donating, recycling and selling of unwanted items

  • Hold an estate or moving sale

  • Stage your home using existing furniture and decorative items.

  • Pre-pack household items not needed during the Open House process

  • Photograph and take measurements of furniture for your new home

  • Customize floor plan/furniture layout for your new home

  • Professional packing of items being moved

  • Supervise the moving company on moving day

  • Ensure furniture and boxes are placed according to plan

  • Unpack and organize your new home in the most practical way

  • Assist with decorating your new home

  • And so much more!!!



We all know that a home filled with clutter is more difficult to sell. In many cases sellers with a lot of clutter feel overwhelmed by the prospect of clearing it. You, as the Realtor, are aware of what needs to be done, however, explaining this to the sellers can often times be a challenge.
De-cluttering a home in order to maximize its appeal to prospective buyers can potentially reduce the amount of time the home is on the market all while helping the client prepare for their upcoming move.

We understand that the key to a successful sale is for the prospective buyer to be able to envision him or herself living in a particular space and not be distracted by the current homeowner’s “stuff”. Decluttering the home enables a potential buyer to picture themselves, their style and their belongings in the home. Cluttered closets, over-stuffed rooms and piles of papers distract buyers and send negative messages about the home.

Our goal is to work with the seller to showcase their home in the best possible way, while making sure they can still function comfortably in their home while it is on the market.
We will help de-clutter, organize and “dress” all of the areas of the home from bedrooms to basements and closets to kitchen cabinets. 

De-cluttering room by room and helping the client determine what should be moved and what they may want to let go of based on their needs and the overall space of their new home – why would you want to pay to move things you don’t want or need? We will handle any donating, recycling and/or selling of unwanted items, we can also hold an estate or moving sale!

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