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Garage & Estate Sales

Estate Sales

Handling a loved one's estate sale or experiencing the necessity of liquidating your own personal assets can be a difficult task. Often, when someone passes away, the family either does not have time, lives out of state, or just does not want to deal with the physical and emotional stress of cleaning up and disposing of their loved one's items in order to prepare their home for selling.


The thing that sets us aside from other companies is that there is no upfront cost to you and we don't charge extra for the setup or clean-out. We handle everything from start to finish. When everything is done the home will be move-in ready!

Our priority is to liquidate household contents as quickly and efficiently as possible (in the most appropriate market). When pricing items, we consider all markets and other important factors relating to the item, ensuring an optimal outcome for you. If you have certain items that will bring a higher profit if sold elsewhere, that's what we will do! Our goal is to get you the highest proceeds possible, whichever way that is.

We also have been selling on eBay since 2008 and maintain a 100% feedback rating.

Whether you are in the process of settling an estate, downsizing or moving from your home, Absolute Organizing will help you every step of the way.

  • Stage the house for an estate sale.

  • Research, inspect, and evaluate each item for sale.

  • Determine the most profitable method of selling each item.

  • Organize, evaluate and properly display household contents for sale.

  • Photograph sale items for estate sale advertisements.

  • Provide proper display tables

  • Price each sale item.

  • Advertise and promote estate sale including signage, websites, social networking, online/internet advertisements, and more.

  • Place signage at sale location including major intersections to direct buyers to the sale.

  • Recycle and donate unwanted items

  • Handle the removal of remaining goods after the sale

  • Clean out and prepare the house for sale

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Garage Sales

Thinking about having a garage sale? Let Absolute Organizing do it all for you! We will come to your house, set up and organize the sale. 

We will sit down with you to evaluate your needs and handle all the details. We even bargain with your customers for you to get a good price! We handle all of the marketing including pricing your items to sell at reasonable prices, after the sale, we organize everything that didn’t sell and coordinate the donation to the charity of your choice. 

And best of all, you will not have any out-of-pocket expense for our services, our profits are based on a percentage of the money made from the sale. 

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