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Meet Kelly

Kelly Hertz, Owner of Absolute Organizing Rapid City, SD


    I’m Kelly – a Professional Organizer, DIYer, mother, and wife.


    For as long as I can remember, I have always had two passions, helping people and making things better. Whether it’s painting a room for my dad, fixing a broken piece of furniture for my boss, or organizing a friends closet. So I decided to take the two things that I truly enjoy and make them my career! I started this business so that I could help make peoples lives just a little bit easier. Life is stressful enough, your home should be the one place you can feel at peace.

   As a single mom for many years, I learned how to make a little bit of money go a long way. I hate letting something go to waste and often times, I am able to take something you already own and use it to organize your things! However, we all have things that we don’t want or no longer use. I will help you determine what those things are and rid your home of the clutter by hauling away donations, recycling, and trash after each session.

   I can help with any almost any space in your home –garage, attic, storage area, craft area, kitchen, closets, kids rooms, unpacking after a move, selling the items you no longer want or need and much more. In fact, I have been an avid eBay seller since 2008 and maintain a 100% seller feedback rating.



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